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A Guide to First Contact
by Terence Park

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July 31 2015 – August 1 2015

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What is Guide?

SF with bells and whistles, Realistic, Researched, Works on different levels

For example?

Post-Apocalypse (the apocalypse is spelled out), Different kinds of First Contact, Different orders of alien, the Rapture, What comes after human, Conspiracies, Weird Science, Sex, Horror, Gore

Who’s it for

Those who want a thoughtful approach to the genre that considers the issues in a realistic manner.


—A rewarding read
—Some similarities to <em>The Road</em>
—The exploration of God has a new twist to it
—There’s a point where the social pecking order is underlined by access to pre-apocalypse gadgets that no longer function – it’s at that point you realise mobiles don’t work any more

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Gun Law

Added another extract: Gun Law, which is set in a post-apocalyptic Crimea.

Guide is set in a post apocalypse Earth (think Cormac McCarthy’s The Road). The most important thing is that the French control everything. Highly irritating as that might be to Anglophiles, that isn’t where the problems end. In this future the West has fallen and most of mankind has been reduced to the level of sub-human brutes.

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