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Starting out

You can never be sure that your writing is up to the mark. Early on I experimented with plot structure — you know the sort of thing, parallel threads, multiple points of view, written on different levels… all in one project. After three years it had reached a logical end; I decided to bring it to a close.

The result: A Guide to First Contact, is a literary experiment. It deconstructs narratives from the future, present and past. These, although seemingly unrelated, drip feed the larger design that links them together. Gradually a grand mosaic is built up revealing the links between the protagonist and the various other entities populating this work. The machinations of human and alien take shape. Although there are clues, the protagonist remains an enigma.

Fact and fiction are blurred in this epic of a post apocalypse America. Triste is a mercenary. The ruins of New York are shunned…

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