Star Wars: the Force Awakens – Review

My review, as a Science Fiction aficionado, of what could and should have been a better film.

Terence Park - Blog

I went to see the Force Awakens yesterday. There’s some good in the tale but in important ways it’s a retrograde step. Like the Hobbit, this seems more an attempt to mimic what has gone before, and in so doing, invokes the curse of poor imitation. At least in the Hobbit, they had the excuse of a well known story to stick to (the real failing of that trilogy was mish-mash of director style). To go back to the Force Awakens, it was possible to do something different with all the available elements but this doesn’t happen. Instead its deliberate mimicry of what went before is hammered home, piece by piece. Reworking themes from earlier films is the essence of sequels: set up your premise and crank out product. Bucks per bang. This may be what Disney wants for Star Wars but it doesn’t work. The storytelling device is, at…

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