Guide Cover Crown Quarto copy
Front cover Crown Quarto edition


It is 2062, four decades after a calamitous first contact with aliens. Western civilisation has crumbled, new powers have risen and much mischief is afoot.

Triste trawls the ruined cities. His contracts are dangerous and he fulfils them how he sees fit. Some records, made during the downfall of the West, come into his possession. He doesn’t realise their significance but they relate to the circumstances that culminated in the collapse of nations. As the consequences to the events surrounding Triste unfold, he is sucked into agendas older than humanity; agendas of aloof and unsympathetic beings whose interest in human affairs is like to a gardener who might study the bloom of a seed.

Contains adult themes.

Guide - Back cover Crown Quarto edition
Back cover detail, Crown Quarto edition

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