The politics of contact are about regulating the impacts of star cultures (and technologies) upon backward planets such as Earth, and vice versa. Any aliens out there would have had sufficient time to be inured to Earth influence, having been in a position to monitor and digest its transmissions for the past century; this process is primarily to counter the South Sea Islander effect.

The time and place is one in which the mandat culturel (cultural mandate) holds sway. The administrators who wield authority under this mandate are French speakers. The model for this is the Académie Française who decide on the meaning of new words, and the Loi Toubon (1994) which mandates the use of French. They (the mandat culturel) define the language including names for new things, such as aliens and various breeds of the Lost.

Control brings responsibilities; an important one is to track down and disable interdicted technologies. It also brings opportunities such as breathing life back into Acadia.

North East America (map) circa 2060
l’Amérique du Nord circa 2060

Guide started as an experiment in writing that evolved into a novel writing project.

Read my web interview at Louise Harnby’s The Proofreaders Parlour.

Writing can turn into a marathon. It kick-started me blogging and the legacy of that is elsewhere this site.


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