The Acadians were expelled from Acadia in the French-Indian Wars (1754–1763). This was part of the Seven Years’ War. This was part of the struggle for cultural supremacy between the rival European nations, England and France. Other terms for it are La guerre de la Conquête, and the ‘Anglo-French Rivalry’. The result for Acadians (Acadiens) was dispersion. Many settled in New Orleans.

Evolution of the French word “Acadien” → “Cadien”, → “Cajun”

Acadia in Guide affirms the commitment of the mandat culturel to the rebuilding of that lost community and in doing so, recognises the value of l’Amerique du Nord.

Bahati’s not-so-secret rendezvous (→ Rapture) is in a dingy neighborhood of narrow streets. New York ordnances on how close buildings may be to each other, has no force here. The place is a magnet to Acadians.

Detail from paperback artwork


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