(spoiler zone)

The separate story lines in Guide connect with each other and some characters stray between them. We have the names of the principal characters, but who, or what are they? (There are some spoilers here.)

Principal characters before the Fall

  • Brent – naive …bumbles along as an intelligence liaison to the Cradle Hood project.
  • Bahati – driven, professional …drives Cradle Hood to better understand the pre-history of man.
  • Ruzhena – manipulative …lives and breathes conspiracies. She secures a formidable ally in Watcher.
  • Watcher – a cipher …anticipates the Fall, and from the chaos forges the Sioux Nations.

and Post-Apocalypse

  • Mr Redmann – cold, ruthless …Redmann’s writ rules the ruins of New York.
  • Hsuchia – determined …has lived under the shadow of Redmann all of her short life. She’d ready to run.
  • Triste – uncertain outside his comfort zone …the authorities have been unable to determine Triste’s parentage. According to the records in capitaires, he is inconnu342.
  • Thanduie – officious …a medium ranking official in the mandat culturel, from Quebec.
  • Xeghita – demanding …a young woman rescued from a near earth object by an American space mission, who proves to be more than she seems.
  • Yshierl – distant …the human seeming of a vast and powerful entity. She has a plan.

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