Pre-History (spoiler zone)

Guide begins in the Late Pleistocene. Other pre-human events are implied. An outline of these are here.

Before the Fall

The chronology of events before the Fall falls into two storylines; that of Brent / Bahati / Xeghita / Arlette, and that of Watcher / Ruzhena. These storylines cross over at various points. For comparison purposes, each appears on a separate web page. A relevant quote is provided to help place each piece.

The dates for Brent / Bahati / Xeghita / Arlette can be checked with little difficulty, as they are diarised. The chapter order is:

  • Cradle Hood
  • BVI (British Virgin Islands)
  • Poulbots
  • Near Earth Object
  • Xhenogie Corp
  • Checking Service
  • Bahati’s Journal
  • Back in NYC
  • Rapture
  • Welcome to Earth

As both Watcher and Ruzhena work for intelligence agencies their relevant chronologies are less precise. Chronologies other than the author’s view are possible. Watcher / Ruzhena’s chapter order is:

  • Peer Pressure
  • Observer Effect
  • Flicker
  • Émetteur Passif
  • Keeping in Touch
  • Wahchinksapa
  • The Unveiling

Post Apocalyptic Events
The bulk of Guide is set in post-apocalyptic times. A chapter chronology is provided so that the sequence of events can be seen better. For those who want to work out something more precise, extracts referring to date / time etc are appended to the chapter chronology

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