This outline of pre-historic events shows the cosmogony in the Guide, and is relevant to the following chapters:

  • Star Crossed
  • Later Pleistocene
  • Star Beings
  • circa 15bn years ago – culmination of the struggle against the Yynskrugel, They are destroyed. The victors of that strife strike a new light and the universe is reborn. The remnants of that cataclysm are left to rot in the spaces between stars. Stellar wardens are set to keep watch over planets with life bearing potential.
  • circa 450m years ago – stellar wardens begin the process that will make the Earth ready for future evolutionary cycles.
  • circa 800k years ago – Hominid development kick-started (Australasian strewnfield)
  • circa 100k years ago – events in Star Crossed / Late Pleistocene / Star Beings. One of the then dominant hominids nudges a fragment of Yysnskrugel to awareness.
  • circa 70k years ago – Toba event.
  • circa 20k years ago – most recent ice age is in maximum state; last of the line of idios (i.e. Neanderthal) dies out.

Star Being 2's human seeming


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