Former Urban Area One – Manhattan (New York)
She liked Central Park and the sense of adventure from its walkways. Her father would put energy into keeping it tidy – if his writ ran this far. It didn’t.
Today she merely watched from Great Hill….
Hsuchia looked south-west. Trees blocked out the Manhattan skyline. What she watched for would likewise be hidden by the Manhattan skyline. But still she watched. From a safe distance. What could be seen? On a clear day, a Yasmin-Orkerd conduit supported by Hausser portants, weaving between skyscrapers.
They took hidden ways, secret and unwatched… hopefully. Combined sewers. Now separated. No longer in public use.

Bethlehem – an Enclave
“Bethlehem. We left just as Musikfest started.”
“Musikfest? Oh, the summer event. I never go. You thought where you want to go?”

Cedar Rapids – an Enclave
A couple of contracts for the Sioux; cleared out the ruined airfield south of Cedar Rapids.

Former Urban Area Ninety-one – (Des Moines)
The Monkers base is at Martin Luther King Jr Park, East University Ave

Interstate 235, Des Moines
Interstate 235, Des Moines

Dubuque – an Enclave
“Ended up in Dubuque once; I used to have a contact there, not heard from him for some time.”

Omaha – an Enclave

Rochester – an Enclave
The nearest Rheumatology expertise to Des Moines at approx 100 miles away

Watchung Reservation (before the Fall)
The sun, setting in the west, cast speckled shadows through the trees. A cool breeze ushered us past the Deserted Village.

Detail from back cover paperback


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