Several chapters in Guide begin with a traditional saying. These are there for the normal reasons. I intended to include more but ultimately never carried this through. A trawl of my notes produced the following list.

The tendency to mistake externals for centrality, to be excited by raw emotion, by superficials.
Jami: Abode of Spring

When people become too attached to externals something is needed to shock the concentration away from superficialities and irrelevancies
Idries Shah: A Perfurmed Scorpion

What I know, he sees
Avicenna / Abu Sina: speaking of Abu Said

When each provides something the other lacks, then there is a possibility of advancement
(to be adduced)

If the answer is provided too easily, can there be profit from the answer?
(to be adduced)

Rituals are fossilized exercises that have outlived their usefulness
(to be adduced)

My dictionary has too many words with contradictory meanings
(to be adduced)

The Path is not to be found anywhere except in human service

Worry is a cloud that rains destruction

If you seek small things to do, and do them well, great things will seek you, and demand to be done
sufi saying

I longed to teach, but I had to wait until the desire had left me before I could really do so
sufi saying

Mandat Culturel


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