The Lost

The Lost: generic term for any outside the bounds of civilisation. Can be broken down as follows:

  1. Those who choose to live outside the law, predating on everything including what’s left of civilisation.
  2. Those who live outside the Enclaves – in the ruined cities or in the wilds, showing no outward symptoms of contamination – usually loners and abandoned children.
  3. The Perdokhi – the genetically contaminated. This refers to both former humans i.e. those who, having been contaminated by body fluid contact, have become assimilated; and their spawn. Given their homicidal inclinations, their breeding processes are more conjecture than fact. There are several sub-breeds such as claquekhi, hyperphonoid, impertele and fécondekhi. More dangerous types are known to exist. The term perdokhi comes from the french root perdu and khi which abbreviates killer, or with homicidal inclination. Perdokhi is often shortened to ‘khi.

Most civilised folk make no distinction between these types.

Detail from artwork to the paperback edition


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