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First things first; between October 21st and the 25th, 2014, A Guide to First Contact is free to download. Have you got it? The UK link is here.
Before you go any further I need to tell you this. It’s epic. Let’s repeat that.



UFO-+-Earth The title is an ironic play on words – however there actually is a guide, which does deal with alien first contact.


Easter egg in Guide
Hi there. Guide
isn’t for kids
The current Kindle edition has an Easter egg – you’ll know it when you find it.


Aliens-dancing What’s in the rest of this site?

Teasers, Spoilers, Themes.

You missed the Free Download to Kindle deal, what do you do?
I’m planning a Countdown Deal, which right now is some months off.


Sometime in the future I will split Guide into two novels. From that point I’ll stop promoting this edition.

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Guide quotes from works by Idries Shah. I have permission to do this (kindly provided by The Octagon Press Ltd)