World Creation

Tried to reblog this from my main blog. WordPress only allows one shot and I goofed, so hey! most of this doesn’t belong on my SF site but those of you interested in the Origins of the West might see something to argue with.

Anyhow: If you’ve read Guide, you’ll understand some of the significance of what follows, which also feeds the heroic fantasy machine rather well; if there’s victims, then there’s the perpetrators of atrocity who, over time become heroes….

1) Creating a Fictional World / Universe

For me, World Creation begins with the unknown. ‘Write what you know’ we are admonished. A bit of a problem for SF. Who knows aliens? the shape of the future? SF demands you suspend disbelief. Yet given the size of the market this isn’t a big ask.
You cross the border from our social construct of reality, to the author’s world. As you read, you collaborate, filling in missing details. Not every morsel is consumed at first reading so at a later point you examine that crossing anew. Continue reading “World Creation”


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UFO-+-Earth The title is an ironic play on words – however there actually is a guide, which does deal with alien first contact.


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