World Creation

Tried to reblog this from my main blog. WordPress only allows one shot and I goofed, so hey! most of this doesn’t belong on my SF site but those of you interested in the Origins of the West might see something to argue with.

Anyhow: If you’ve read Guide, you’ll understand some of the significance of what follows, which also feeds the heroic fantasy machine rather well; if there’s victims, then there’s the perpetrators of atrocity who, over time become heroes….

1) Creating a Fictional World / Universe

For me, World Creation begins with the unknown. ‘Write what you know’ we are admonished. A bit of a problem for SF. Who knows aliens? the shape of the future? SF demands you suspend disbelief. Yet given the size of the market this isn’t a big ask.
You cross the border from our social construct of reality, to the author’s world. As you read, you collaborate, filling in missing details. Not every morsel is consumed at first reading so at a later point you examine that crossing anew. Continue reading “World Creation”


Watch out – thoughts on self promotion!

Yesterday was the last day of my first Kindle promotion. It’s also the day I helped put up Halloween decorations. Of the two, the latter gave more pleasure. It’s not that the former isn’t of value – if you don’t do the work, no-one reads your stuff and you get no feedback.
Let’s get a couple of things straight. The reward for writing can be more than money. Your stuff can be more than a makeover of last year’s fad. Write it right and you open up your thinking to readers, show them different points of view.

Kitten - subsequently named Barbara Streisand (My preference was Napoleon)
Kitten – subsequently named Barbara Streisand (never mind I preferred Napoleon)

We are all strangers, looking across the river of life at others. Seeing difference, seeing something new and maybe interesting. Why a river? Because life builds a unique perspective for each of us. Along the way, we meet, make friends, lose friends, drifting from one set of circumstances to another. Sure, we go for the group think and embrace (or reject) social norms; but underneath, we are born strangers and often as not, die alone.
When you connect with someone, you share. They tell you enough that you see the world through their eyes. What you see is usually different.
If it isn’t you’re in trouble; like as not you’re…

a Replicant… on the run.

Watch out – a Blade Runner

is coming 

Writers inhabit a rarefied atmosphere. They share their visions with others through the power of words. In creating a world they open up an entire universe. The author breathes life into his characters, each with a different take on that world. The act of creation interests me. Selling that vision – like a C19th barrow boy hawking his wares to passers-by – seems crass. But that’s how things are.

Pitching blurb isn’t the moral high ground; I want normality. This means returning to my take on Andre Norton and Phil Dick – The P’Nong – and cranking out the words. And later, weighing up what to do next on other WIP’s.


Science Fiction
· Joe and the Xenophids 4k
· The Adventures of Matter Grabba 5k
· Lucky 21k
· The P’Nong 13k

· Brant, a Fantasy 22k
· A Sending 6k

· The Central Sea 9k

· Alibi 8k
· Without Question 7k
· Harjazes 9k
That’s a lot of loose ends. They’re actually enticements; developed to a state where a publisher can take a view. What view? That’s a publisher’s prerogative. ¹

¹ I’m an accountant; I do big number analysis and market segmentation for a living. I really do get the business angle.