How do you Write?

I was pondering a couple of new contracts – work is never shy of giving you stuff to think about – and placing them in my head. There were still plenty of pieces to pick up from my recent book promotion; most importantly, I’d rushed a couple of days writing on the P’Nong. I needed to go back and tidy things up. This is so it’s not in a total mess when I come to it, cold – which could easily be years down the line.

The question in my mind is partly, what state do you leave your stuff in, and partly, what program do you entrust your writing to? My short stories go on Novel Writer – an old product that shows its DOS roots. Novels can go on Novel Writer, but I’ve tended to use a free tool called yWriter5.

Why? The full answer is too complicated to go into here, but in essence, its word usage count swings the argument. Just.

How does it work?

A story is also known as a project – it includes Project notes, Characters, Items and Locations and Chapters. Each chapter is in turn are broken into scenes. Scenes have multiple settings. Because I’m like that, here’s some screen shots.

Chapter5-Scene1 from yWriter5
Characters from yWriter5
Items from yWriter5
Locations from yWriter5
Scene-Detail from yWriter5

Is it an endorsement? In a sense it’s still on trial for me.

Who uses yWriter5?

Experiences with other software?